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Jewelry News

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Yiwu jewelry wholesale attention to the great parade 

Wonderful September, charm has opened, the most noteworthy nothing better than this week on September 3rd national holiday, n

2015 trends in international wholesale jewelry 

With the continuous development of the international situation, people's demand for jewelry, more concentrated in the populous country of consumption, jewelry attracted international attention to China Yiwu jewelry factory, factory production.

Yiwu jewelry wholesale to take you a taste of the charm of small commodities in Yiwu 

Yiwu, this modern commodity distribution, processing, sales center is currently the largest in Asia, we as a leader in Yiwu jewelry wholesale

Yiwu jewelry factory concerned about the Tianjin bombings 

Yiwu jewelry factory pay attention to Tianjin Binhai explosion. Pray for the victims, according to our latest understanding to the evening of 12 August 2015 11

China jewelry wholesale see Yiwu 

China jewelry wholesale look at Yiwu, is now in Yiwu with the international advanced level of integrated small commodities and accessories wholesale, as well as processing and

Cheap jewelry wholesale to find Yiwu jewelry factory 

Cheap jewelry wholesale to find Yiwu jewelry factory, we have a mass production of running water, while providing customized services, combined with the design of high-end designers tailored for you.

Yiwu jewelry factory in the Internet era for you to create a comprehensive network platform 

2015, along with the rapid development of the Internet era, the global economic links are more tend to be normalized, as a professional Yiwu jewelry factory, we will build a comprehensive network platform for you in the future.

Yiwu jewelry factory introduction: the process of excellence to win trust 

Yiwu jewelry factory is introduced: requirements for process improvement to win the trust and exquisite workmanship can be better to let everyone feel we elaborate,

Yiwu jewelry wholesale thousands of products for you to choose 

Yiwu jewelry wholesale thousands of products for you to choose from, and an array of products let you fondle admiringly, we simultaneously guarantee the delivery and supply the most comprehensive.

Yiwu jewelry factory in the future development direction 

About Yiwu jewelry factory of the future direction of development is of concern to many obligations jewelry people things, as the leader in the industry

Iran area of jewelry demand introduction 

Yiwu jewelry factory in the near future for the Middle East Iran's population was a very detailed investigation, as the Middle East's resources in the country

Analysis of the Yiwu jewelry factory in the Middle East 

The Middle East country with a long history, unique folk customs, so in jewelry demand also has a different way from the orient. As a professional Yiwu jewelry factory,

The 3rd Guangzhou International Jewelry Fair 

The 3rd Guangzhou International Jewelry Fair will be held during 06.26 ~ 06.29. 2015.

Small jewelry audience, Yiwu jewelry factory open mode 

Small adorn article audience, Yiwu open jewelry factory mode, we Yiwu as well-known international small commodities wholesale and export base

Yiwu jewelry factory professional focus is trustworthy 

Yiwu, most of China's largest small commodity wholesale market, the global reputation, and decoration of choice for the process, we are more professional, and constantly products r&d and innovation, keep line with the international first-class platform.

The 21st Chinese Yiwu International Commodities Fair 

The 21st Chinese Yiwu International Commodities Fair will be held between Oct.21th and Oct.25th in yiwu,zhejiang province.

The 117th session of China import and export fair 

The 117th session of China import and export fair (Canton fair) will be held in Guangzhou import and export commodities fair exhibition hall On April 15, 2015.We have three representatives attend the third phase of Canton fair.