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Fruitful Jewelry Co.,LTD
Contact Person: Ms.Sunny (Sales Manager)
English & Spanish Services
Mob: +86-18368631006
E-mail: Info@FruitfulJewelry.com
Skype: FruitfulJewelry.Sunny
Add:Room 2603, Unit 2, Builing 2, The World Trade Center, Yiwu City, ZheJiang Province, China

Company News

Fruitful Jewelry Co., LTD, show our capabilities and team spirit, share the joy of growth. Welcome to visit our website. 

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Yiwu jewelry wholesale your side of the jewelry store 

Yiwu jewelry wholesale jewelry stores around you, the reason to mention the concept of a supermarket, we are actually a combination of Yiwu

Cheap jewelry wholesale purchase to Yiwu 

Cheap jewelry wholesale purchase to Yiwu, Yiwu, along with China's reform and opening up the economic market's continuous prosperity and development, become China's small commodity wholesale of the leading values.

Yiwu jewelry factory to build the most dazzling jewelry in August 

Yiwu jewelry factory effort to build 8 months the most dazzling jewelry, hot August, northern hemisphere friends felt the heat in all directions of the feeling,

Yiwu jewelry wholesale is worthy of your choice and look forward to 

Yiwu jewelry wholesale worthy of your choice and expectation, a variety of different styles of jewelry for your choice, we continue to combine the people's

Yiwu jewelry wholesale in the Middle East country gold rush dream 

Yiwu jewelry wholesale in the middle east the gold dream, today we bring gold diggers in Dubai on how to use the accessories in a net profit of 170 million.

Yiwu jewelry wholesale new product for you to choose 

Recently we Yiwu jewelry wholesale new product for you to choose, to maximize the coverage of the Middle East and the vast number of jewelry lovers demand.

Yiwu jewelry factory with quality and quality to speak 

We are living in Yiwu area, facing the global jewelry processing and sales, years of experience in the industry and product training let us to speak with their true quality and quality, won the industry a good reputation.

Yiwu jewelry factory to create the international top jewelry brand 

Yiwu jewelry factory to create the international top jewelry brand,Yiwu as China's largest wholesale jewelry factory direct supply zone, not only to meet the domestic

Yiwu jewelry factory I wish global children a happy holiday 

Today is "61 children's Day", presumably a lot of children is already on the day of their own festive look already for a long time, the childhood to happy, happy to spend. We wish the kids happy holidays.

2015 Yiwu jewelry factory in the future development trend of sharing 

2015 is a full of opportunities and challenges for the jewelry factory in Yiwu, the future development trend, the direct impact on the international development of the extensive jewelry factory road. Yiwu jewelry export professional supplier----Fruitful Jewelry Co., LTD

Happy birthday to Sunny 

It was our colleague sunny's birthday On March 24,2015, we had a party for her in the company.Happy birthday!

The trip to Taizhou-Eagles Road 

In mid April 2015, our team went to the Taizhou Eagles Road, having a nice day.

2015 Yiwu International Marathon 

2015 Yiwu International Marathon started in 19th,April.The race starts and ends in Yiwu Meihu Sports Center. Five staffs in our company attended this race.