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Jewelry Maintenance

Maintenance instructions 

This kind of jewelry doesn't need to use very expensive for maintenance,maintenance of water just to avoid acid-base and moist environment.Humid conditions include:a shower, when washing a face,do not wear,sweating a lot don't wear,deposit before application of dry cloth to wipe dry;Placed within the jewelry box jewelry should put a desiccant;When you don't wear simulation jewelry should be timelyin the box. 

1.Jewelry often replaced,the same piece of jewelry,should avoid wearing long time,especially inhot summer,jewelry coating long-term contact sweat,easy to corrode our,so it is best to prepare a jewelry to often used as a replacement.

2.Exposure to chemicals,adorn article is easy to damage.When bath aroma,chlorine in swimming,salt in the sea water,will cause etch to jewelry plating,so should unload all accessories before abath or swim. 

3.Deposit collision chafed,be careful,don't overlap will act the role ofing is tasted,should bestored in the original packaging,or in the box of the independent small grid,avoid to touch eachother brush and brush surface. 

4.Not regular cleaning jewelry,choose soft hair brush sweep clean surface of accessories,accessories to remove surface stains. 

5.Careful girl can be in the metal surface coating alayer of transparent nail polish,so that you can avoid decorations contact with air.Wear longer oh.