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Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing 

Most people will not be allergic to cadmium,chromium and nickel,but a few people may feel bad with it.

Sometimes,because of the customs'demand,we need provide test certificate of environment-friendly products.

The goods of our company can pass the strict European standard testing. 

Reference standard as follows 

Big brand chain store:lead,cadmium,chromium and nickel in 40 parts per million; 

Export to Europe:Lead,cadmium,nickel and chromium in 80 parts per million; 

Exports to the Middle East:Lead,cadmium,nickel and chromium in 100 parts per million; 

The better production capacity and technical levels of factory need the lower content of Lead, cadmium,nickel and chromium.As a result,the corresponding costs and the price also will be higher. 

Fruitful Jewelry can satisfy different requirements of different customers.